Studiomaster Vak 20 Conference System


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  • 8 Mic / Line channel with combo jack input connectors.
  • Signal clip indicator & active LED on each channel.
  • Delegate or Chairman selectable options on each channel.
  • Individual phantom on each channel.
  • Each channel has a combo jack Input connector.

Output Section

  • Balanced XLR output.    
  • Limiter switch on the output.

Linking Section

  • Link In / Out to daisy chain as many VāK 20's required.

Control Section

  • NOM: Maximum 6
  • Logic out to control cameras / speakers.

Master Section

  • Level Control. 
  • Switch for Noisy, Normal, Quiet settings for ambient noise  compensation.
  • LF / HF cut switches.   
  • Bar-graph with 7 LED’s

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