Ahuja WP 220L with Collar/Headband Mic, USB, Recording and Echo


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    • Ahuja introduces a truly portable, highly versatile and attractive 20 Watts Max. PA Wireless Amplifier WP-220. Ideal for various Indoor and Outdoor applications such as Small Gatherings, Presentations, Performances, Bus Tours, Classrooms etc.,
    • Supplied with Handheld wireless microphone model WM-22, and is available in different frequencies.
    • Built-in digital MP3 player and recorder. 
    • Digital echo effects provided.
    • Provision for connecting one wired microphone & an AUX source like a CD player or Mixer using 3.5mm phone jack. 
    • Tone control provided for adjusting the tone settings.
    • Operates on AC mains, 12V external car battery & 12V 1.2Ah internal rechargeable lead acid battery.
    • Facility for recharging a 12V 1.2Ah internal battery and 8.4V rechargeable battery for handheld transmitter.
    • 8 Ohm speaker output for connecting an external speaker
    • The model number is changed to WP-225L and you will get WP-225L only. Specification wise everything is same.

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