Ahuja CCS 2200 Counter Communication System


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    • Unique design, pleasing aesthetics & rugged construction.
    • Duplex communication technology, ideal for ticket counters, enquiry counters, banks, embassies, hospitals etc. …. Wherever two way communication is required across a glass barrier. (Can also be used for one way communication).
    • Compact & elegant Attendant Unit with gooseneck microphone, in black colour finish, for flexible sound pickup angle.
    • Separate switches for switching the Host Unit mic, or the External Unit mic, ON or OFF. 
    • Separate volume controls on the Host Unit for adjusting the audio output level of the Host Unit and the External Unit. 
    • Host Unit mic has automatic voice priority over the External Unit mic. When attendant is speaking into the Host Unit mic, the mic of the External unit is automatically muted. 
    • Exclusively designed lightweight plastic external unit, which can be easily mounted on any flat surface. Double sided fixing pad provided.
    • External unit houses a condenser mic cartridge and an efficient speaker for clear and intelligible sound outside the glass barrier.
    • Audio output for recording available through 3.5mm phone jack on the Host Unit. This is a stereo output having signals from both the Host Unit mic and the External Unit mic.
    • A 3.5mm phone jack is provided on the rear panel of the Host Unit for Line Input. This feature can be used to play back pre-recorded messages through the external unit speaker by connecting the Pre-amp output or Line Output of any Ahuja amplifier to the Line Input of the Host Unit.
    • The system is easy to install and simple to operate.
    • The Host Unit is a table top unit which operates on 12V DC, through an AC adapter supplied alongwith.

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