Ahuja AMX 65FX Mixer (6 Channel)


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    • Ahuja offers an elegant & rugged six channel audio mixer AMX-65FX. This compact mixer has all the basic ingredients of a professional mixer like electronically balanced MIC/LINE inputs, two band equalisation, five point output level display, clip indicators, higher overload margins etc. Ideal for use in Auditoria, Educational Institution, DJs and a variety of PA Applications.
    • Aesthetically designed six channel professional PA Mixer which is light weight & portable.
    • Upto six low impedance microphones can be connected in either balanced or unbalanced configuration, through a 6.3mm (1/4") stereo jack socket.
    • Alternatively, each channel input can accept a balanced or an unbalanced line source like CD Player, Keyboard, Guitar Pre-amp., Drum Kit etc.
    • Each channel has a push switch to select either a MIC or LINE input.
    • GAIN Control on each channel for optimum adjustment of the input sensitivities.
    • Active bass & treble circuit in each channel for desired equalisation of the input signal.
    • Separate ECHO level control for each MIC/LINE input channel.
    • Each channel has a clip LED which glows when the level of input signal is excessive.
    • Pan control on each channel for desired distribution of the signal to left and right output channels.
    • Built-in digital effects processor with DELAY, REPEAT, LEVEL controls.
    • Line level L & R outputs through 6.3mm (1/4") jack sockets.
    • Individual 5-segment LED array indication for accurate setting of L&R line output levels.
    • Individual master volume controls for left & right line outputs.
    • Option of Mono/Stereo mode of operation through a push switch.
    • Headphone output with volume control.
    • Power ON indication through a red LED.
    • Operates on 220 - 240V, 50Hz AC Mains.

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